Netflix-type video site

Sell your NFT on any Marketplace and have the holders access video within a netflix-type NFT platform

NFTs as security or access tokens ?

Creating video content as well as live event webcasts takes time and resources. Companies like Netflix, Hulu and others secure their content. You can now perform the same thing an secure you content behind a NFT

Your NFT holders access by using their wallet to confirm their ownership and unlock video series

  • Benefits to your NFT holders!

  • Access different events based on the smart contract
  • Drip content to non-NFT holders
  • Live streaming webcast or video on-demand in a series
  • Create different video series for different smart contracts
  • Allows for lazy loading of tokens to be printed when sold
  • Attendee scales based on the amount of tokens minted
  • Attendees do not need to create a user profile, uses wallet to access. No additional password to remember
  • Discourages account or password sharing
  • Full support of over 60+ wallets
  • Sell on any NFT marketplace
  • Supports ETH, POLY, AVAX, BNB, FTM blockchains
  • Can work with new or existing smart contracts

Looking for a more indepth look about using NFT, check out our blog article.

Customization of the Video Layout

So many ways to configure the video layout the way you want it to be. There is no coding involved. Every layout is easy to setup and customize. No other platform comes close.

  • Video Player with Description

    The video player page allows you to:

    • use any live stream or video hosting platform
    • a non-scrollable page that uses clickable tabs to display your content (except in mobile mode)
    • upload the background image and logo
    • set the video header color and icons
    • enter a title, description, enable add to calendar button
    • show start time, end time, set the time zone
    • enable sponsorship images and report clicks
    • enable a digital library to allow digital downloads

    You have the ability to hide the video header and the interactive tab header

    Because of responsive design, your site will be gorgeous on 4K monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. All without you having to do any additional work

mosts popular live streaming platform
  • Video Player with Chat

    All the same as the Video Player and includes a chat tab. During the performance, you can automatically force all browsers to display the chat tab

  • Video Player with Embed

    All the same as the Video Player with Chat and includes an Embed Tab. This allows you to bring in additional sites like Twitter, Instagram, or any other embedable site.

  • Video Player with Shopify Store

    All the same as the Video Player with Embed and to bring in a Shopify Collection of merchandise to sell during the broadcast. During the performance, you can automatically force all browsers to display the Store tab

  • Video Player only

    Sometimes you just want to have nothing more than just the video player with nothing else. You can choose to show or hide the video header and logo

Registrix is easy to setup

Setting up events, themes is really easy to perform. We use common everyday tools that make the process painless and fun

  • Well designed layout

    No coding experience needed. Just point and click

    • slide out menu display
    • clickable gear to change options
    • toggle switches
    • point and click on image to use

  • Selections made easy

    Copy and paste issues are solved and item selections with pick and choose

    • selection of drop down items
    • verify copy and paste content
Sample project image

Registrix is ahead of the curve with allowing your followers to consume NFT

Give your followers more functionality to their usage of NFTs and create more value to the holders to encourage purchasing of new NFTs related to the same genre.

I Like what I hear, lets do a Demo

Not Finding your use case, Registrix has others

lead generation for webinar platforms
Lead Generation

Allows anyone access to the live stream event by answering questions that you setup.

upload approved list of emails for webcasting
Participant eTicket

Upload Email Account or sell tickets on Eventbrite & Universe for gated Attendee Access of your event.

live events for streaming using nft
NFT Crypto Wallet

Web3 Attendee access by using their Crypto Wallet to gain access. Supports several Ethereum blockchain

domain email for authorization
Business Domain

Setup any Business Email Domain to allow Attendees access into your corporate live webcast event

SSO Enterprise Live webcast platform
Single Sign On

Use your companies SSO system for authorization into Registrix by the Attendees