Life happens in real-time, unscripted and unpredictable. We launched Registrix as a platform with a mission to facilitate human connections through the interactivity of live-streaming technology.

Our philosophy is simple: we aim to put back the human touch into the complex world of enterprise/corporate video engagement. We realize that the one size fits all mentality does not work.

Even though we provide that extra human touch, we never compromise on quality and timelines. We pride ourselves in delivering turnkey, full-service, end-to-end solutions that help unify a company's assets across various processes, practices, and video technology platforms.

We've grown by learning how to entitle people from all ends of the world to connect and discover each other. We are now and continue to be Registrix.

The Team

Providing Deep Experience in Streaming events from Concerts and Conferences to Corporate Town halls.
CEO - Founder

Rudy Milkovic

Rudy, and his wizards at Velikom, have been instrumental in creating a masterpiece of a SaaS Platform called Registrix, a hot, must-have, fully brandable video engagement streaming platform for company-wide communications, fast-tracking the capability and dismissing the complexities of shifting from concept to stream in literally minutes.
Technical Architect and CoFounder

Rob Helmstetter

Formerly with the Publicis Group in the New York and Chicago offices. Rob was crucial in various roles with the company and started developing live-streaming software in 2001. Rob continues to build and deploy award-winning interactivity solutions between viewers.

THE Story

In the spring of 2012, a company called Livestream.com required a solution to allow their corporate clients to have their Livestream player and chat exist behind a gated entry.

They decided to contact Velikom International, Registrix's parent company, with a request to build out this solution. Little did they know that the smartypants at the company were already building a series of toolsets to help companies with this gated access problem.

Registrix, a Skunkworks project at the time, was born out of the need to effortlessly and economically limit access to specific video content, whether live or on-demand.

Over the years, the Registrix platform transformed, evolved, and morphed into something much larger than the initial Skunkwork project. It became one of the more scalable, easy-to-use, and incredibly interactive SaaS platforms on the market. All the while keeping our lean and agile mindset in play, offering best-in-class and cost-effective experiences to our clients.

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