Solutions for gated virtual conferences

Future-proof solutions with more engagement, interactivtiy, content with an higher overall experience
Registrix is a powerful all-in-one platform to leverage enterprise-class virtual events that your attendees desire and expect. We provide watch party experiences, questions/answers with feedback & upvoting, chat with animated gifs & emojis, and screen take-over polling, all while utilizing your branding.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Investor Relations

Elevate the effectiveness of your AGMs to unprecedented levels. Seamlessly share crucial documents, facilitate seamless collaboration, and enable streamlined decision-making processes

Registix empowers your board members to work cohesively, harnessing the collective intelligence of your organization
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Lead Generation

Capture viewers' email and details

Allows anyone access to the gated online event by answering questions you set up.

Effortlessly deploy Marketing campaigns, community reach-out events, and educational seminars.
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Participant & eTicket

Virtual Event Bouncer

Upload approved Email Accounts or sell tickets on Eventbrite or Ticketmaster's Universe ticketing for gated Attendee Access to your event.

Ticket Sales, Controlled Internal Access, and Internal Company Communications. Everything you need is baked right into Registrix.
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Built In Vote

Online Voting service

Delivering the tools to actively connect with audiences and gather actionable data. Customizable ballots, ranked choice voting, analytics, and exporting capabilities are unmatched
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Business Domain Access

Insanely Easy Setup for Vendors

Set up any Business Email Domain with one click to allow Attendees access to your corporate event.

And don't forget to easily add your Vendors, Influencers, and Partners when you don't have everyone's email address—internal/Vendor Product Launch.
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Watch Party

Multi-Language Translations

The Registrix HuddleUp watch party service allows your fans to join in on the fun and communicate while watching your online event.

Ideal for Film Societies, Sports Streaming, Passionate Fan Engagement, and adding American Sign Language translations to any event.
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Digital Rights Management

Limit Ripping of Video

Effortlessly add supporting (Widevine, ReadyPlay, FairPlay) Digital Rights Management to streaming videos.

Perfect use for Investor Meetings, Internal Product Announcements, and Employee Benefit Concerts.
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Built In DSM

Down Stage or Confidence monitor

Registrix allows instant communication to your speaker on stage via a Down stage monitor (DSM) or Confidence monitor

Use Large Screen Monitors, Tablets, Mobile Phones or Laptops
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Live Streaming Platform like cvent

Live Streaming Platform

Why choose Registrix over other platforms like cvent ?

Our People, Budgets, and Technology are just a few reasons
Registrix Benefits
people gathered around a live event
Single Sign On for Enterprise

One Password to Rule Them All

Use your company's enterprise SSO entry system for authorization into Registrix by your approved Attendees.

Registrix provides your viewers with the most secure and seamless entry, supporting SAML2/OpenID with no additional attendee username/password. Yes, it's that easy.
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