The microsite SOLUTION for virtual conferences

Future-proof solutions with more engagement, interactivtiy, content with an higher overall experience

online event and virtual conference video page exploded

Registrix is a robust all-in-one platform to power an enterprise-class virtual events that your attendees want and expect. We provide a watch party experience, questions/answers with feedback & upvoting, chat with gifs & emoji's, screen take-over polling, all while using your branding

lead generation for webinars
  • Lead Generation

    Allows anyone access to the gated online event by answering questions that you setup.

  • Use Case

    Marketing compaigns, community reach out events, educational seminiars.

  • Participant & eTicket

    Upload Email Account or sell tickets on Eventbrite & Universe for gated Attendee Access of your event.

  • Use Case

    Ticket Sales, Controlled Internal Access, Internal Company Communications.

access by email based on approved participants

Single sign on for enterprise
  • Single Sign On for Enterprise

    Use your companies SSO system for authorization into Registrix by the Attendees.

  • Use Case

    Most Secure, No additional attendee username/password, Supports SAML2/OpenID.

  • Business Domain Access

    Setup any Business Email Domain to allow Attendees access into your corporate event.

  • Use Case

    Vendors, Influencers, Partners when you don't have everyone's email address. Internal/Vendor Product Launch.

Domain Name for business login

  • Netflix-type NFT video platform

    Gain access using your crypto wallet and NFT.

  • Use Case

    Bleeding Edge, Press Exposure, FOMO, Additional Benefit for NFT Holders.

  • Watch Party - Virtual Conference Service

    HuddleUp watch party service allows your fans to join together and communicate while watching your online event

  • Use Case

    Film Societies, Sports Streaming, Fan Engagement.

Watch Party

DRM Live Streaming
  • DRM - Webinar event

    Supporting (Widevine, ReadyPlay, FairPlay) Digital Rights Management streaming videos

  • Use Case

    Investor Meetings, Internal Product Annoucements, Employee Benefit Concerts.