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Much like a bouncer, only those email accounts are authorized to log into the application and view the virtual event. This list can be manually entered or uploaded into the Registrix system at any time.


We listened to you and your peers and developed the features that you required and needed to complete your project.
Upload thousands of participant accounts using the Mega-upload feature. Once uploaded, your browser is free to do something else
No account manager required to do uploading, create a list and upload
Single Sign On solution available to bypass uploading
Can require participant email/employee id and access code or just email/employee id
Auto assigns or you can upload an access code with each participant
Minimum participant data is email/employee id, everything else is up to you to decide to upload
Each participant can be assigned to different groups
Each group is assigned to different events
Use employee id instead of email as login requirement (email services are disabled)
Each event is assigned to categories for easy organization
Edits, additions to participants can happen even during show time
Download the attendees with their data points related to any or all events
Eject & deny poor behavior attendees
Transfer attendees other events on the backend
Enable free-floating license
Builtin API services with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster Universe. Sell tickets on either of these platforms, automatic data flow
Automatic and scheduled participant customized email

Customization of the Video Layout

So many ways to configure the video layout the way you want it to be. There is no coding involved. Every layout is easy to setup and customize. 

No other platform comes close.

Video Player with Description

The video player page allows you to:
use any live stream or video hosting platform
a non-scrollable page that uses clickable tabs to display your content (except in mobile mode)
drag & drop uploading of images and logos
picker controls to set color and icons
enable add to calendar button on page and email
show start time, end time, set the time zone
enable sponsorship images and report clicks
enable a digital library to allow digital downloads
You have the ability to hide the video header and the interactive tab header

Because of responsive design, your site will be gorgeous on 4K monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. All without you having to do any additional work

Refresh Control !

No other platform allows you to make updates to the event in live time and force all the browsers to refresh with the new information
No more adding a chat message, "Please refresh your browser"
From here out, you just make the text changes, logo changes, even the Live Stream changes and then click on Refresh Browsers.
All the current attendees browsers will then refresh and get the updated information. A real show saver
refreshing the browser by a moderator

Chat with GIFs, Emojis

All the same as the Video Player and includes a chat tab. During the performance, you can automatically force all browsers to display the chat tab

Embed Tab for External Services

All the same as the Video Player with Chat and includes an Embed Tab. This allows you to bring in additional sites like Twitter, Instagram, or any other embedable site.

Huddle Up

Improved team bonding and team building: Virtual watch parties can be a fun and informal way for employees to socialize and get to know each other better. This can lead to improved teamwork and cooperation.

Shopify Store for Online Sales

All the same as the Video Player with Embed and to bring in a Shopify Collection of merchandise to sell during the broadcast. During the performance, you can automatically force all browsers to display the Store tab

Questions and Answers

Your attendees can submit questions to the speaker.  As a moderator you can answer the question, and send it back to the attendees to see, or you can respond privately back just to that attendee.
Attendees can Upvote on their favorite question.
Send the Question to the SpeakerWall so the speaker will be able to answer the question Live

Polling, Voting and Feedback

Setup Polling or voting prior to the event and get feedback from the audience when you want them to occur.
As the moderator, you can push out the questions or votes when you want them to occur. You also can pull back the question and identify those that did and didn't answer
Send the results back to the attendees in the form of charts


Our INKed superimposing service allows a QR code to be placed in the video screen that will identify the attendee that watched the video.

Or you can use the entire video player to populate information about the attendee.
Tell Me More about INKed

Video Player Only

Sometimes you just want to have nothing more than just the video player with nothing else. You can choose to show or hide the video header and logo

100% Browser-Based Solution

No Downloads, No Hassles, No IT.
for a seamless attendee experience, Registrix requires no plugins, no app to download, no configuration, minimizing technical support
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