Free Floating License

Another way to assure only one person is watching

Enabling the free floating license will allow only ONE login at a time by the participant. If the same participant credentials are used to log into Registrix at the same time, the current login will be disconnected and the new login will be kept online.

We do it this way because a person may be watching the event on their work computer, then they left the desk to run and catch a cab, they would be able to still log into the event on their mobile phone. The work computer would be disconnected.

If a person performed a password sharing with another person, then these two would be fighting themselves until after the 7th try, and then the participant account is locked out. The system administrator would have to unlock this account.

You do not have to enable this feature, it is up to you to decide.

100% Browser-Based Solution

No Downloads, No Hassles, No IT.
for a seamless attendee experience, Registrix requires no plugins, no app to download, no configuration, minimizing technical support
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