INKed Superimposition

The ability to dissuade video ripping or copying and posting on social media sites

You have a choice to superimpose the attendees email account on the entire player or to use a QR code which contains the attendees email. If the video is discovered on social media sites, you can then use your mobile phone and read the email address that is contained in the QR code.

This feature is built into Registrix and can be used with any of the live streaming vendors. The INKed is a super-imposing technology that will work with all the video vendors without creating a different CDN for each attendee.  Instead the technology will remove the full-screen capabilities, the picture-in-picture function and disable Firefox browsers from accessing the event.

There is tech that examines if the webpage has been changed by the attendee in anyway and when detected, the webpage will then shut down and exit the attendee.

Registrix is thoroughly tested with the following platforms:

100% Browser-Based Solution

No Downloads, No Hassles, No IT.
for a seamless attendee experience, Registrix requires no plugins, no app to download, no configuration, minimizing technical support
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