Broadcast your webinars seamlessly

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Quickly build fully-branded  webinar microsites.
Broadcast your live stream with total confidence.
Capture attendee data
Industry leading attendee propriety scoring calculations

What can Registrix® do?

Registrix is an online platform that allows you to use any live streaming service, such as Video IBM Watson, Wowza Video Cloud, StreamShark, DaCast, Vimeo, and others, to create gated access to your online events. Registrix allows you to set colors, logos, and icons to provide complete branding of the site for the event. And, not to forget that we provide superior attendee interactivity, including polling, questions & answers, animated chatting, and watch parties. Yes, it's like really being there in person.

Marketing Webinar

Collect personal data about your webinar attendees both gated and open access. High Quality data analysis of the broadcasted webinar

Town Halls

Share visually appealing  and interactive business results, essential company initiatives, and new product launches.

Investor Relations

Experience elegant and modern branded attendee affairs creating a competitive advantage in the fight for capital.

Speaker Events

Deliver a branded virtual online event video page dedicated to the presenter's discussion topics. Inspire your attendees with well-placed speakers.

Corporate Videos

Transform employee communications by producing secure, internal video assets that provide individualized viewer tracking

Ballot Webinars

Seamlessly conduct real-time anonymous voting with Live Webinar or a VOD and allow your gated online attendees to vote anytime

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How can Registrix benefit any online event?

Event Planning Agency

Client Reporting / Ease of use

Registrix is an online platform that creates digital touchpoints for your attendees of an online event. The attendee data can be connected to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and provides post event data feed of your event performance and reports to communicate to your client.
Video Production Company

Guide Viewers / Recovery

Registrix is an online platform that allows you to control the attendee's browser to fix unexpected problems during a live production. You can update logos, text, and streaming URLs immediately to the attendees without sending a chat message.
Demand Based Cloud infrastructure

Fortified for Large Scale Events

Registrix pre-scales to handle the surge of attendees that occur within a 10-minute window. Reach as many attendees as you need in a single event without breaking the bank. Registrix manages 100 to well over 1,000,000 attendees.
More interactivity with viewer controls

Keeping the audience engaged

Built-in approaches to utilizing Emojis, animated Gifs, Polls, and Upvoting allow your audience to interact with the speaker. Fans quickly discover fans by creating and joining watch party rooms and communicating with each other in real-time.

Registrix is thoroughly tested with the following platforms:

Our Clients love us

John M

Simply put, Registrix provided the ability to broadcast a message to all of our viewers about disconnecting from the VPN. No other platform did this. We recommend to all of our clients, use Registrix

Emily J

Event Director
The ability to send a PDF to my client during the broadcast about how many attendees where online right now kept them happy. I have never seen any other platform provide features that we want as event directors.

Bill M

Technical Director
Registrix is a unicorn service. No other platform is so in touch with online event requirements

Registrix delivers solutions clients love

2 M+
Years Experience
Happy Clients
94 K+

Easy is in our DNA


Decide the objective of the online event, Data Capture, e-Ticket, Approved List, Domain, or SSO.

Decide on URL

Let us know how your viewers will reach the masterpiece, and you can even use your URL.

Site Up

Site instance is automatically built-up in seconds, and we hand you the keys ready to start modifying and branding.

Design & Build

Enter your event dates, and services, upload the attendee lists, and presto, you're all done.


Promote the event online, by word of mouth, or via your company's portal.

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