Hybrid Event Solutions

Going hybrid opens up new possibilities for event planners. While the value of in-person events is well-understood, the virtual component unlocks fresh opportunities.
Hybrid events allow you to expand your reach and connect with more participants across locations. Virtual elements like live-streaming and remote presentations increase accessibility.
With hybrid events, you get the best of both worlds - the energy of in-person gatherings combined with the convenience and flexibility of online engagement.

All the tools you need for running Hybrid Events

In Person web application for audience feedback
No App to install
Instant communication with the speaker from both online viewers and in-person audience
Audience reactions feedback loop to the speaker in real time
Protected / Gated / Pay Per View Access
Data capture access for quick attendees
Real time event performance in PDF for emailing
Multiple Monitors located anywhere for all audience feedback

White-Glove Treatment

The white-glove treatment offered by our Registrix takes the stress out of running hybrid and virtual conferences. Our dedicated event specialists become an extension of your team and are available for all the technical heavy-lifting.
With our white-glove service, you are free to focus on delivering an engaging experience while we handle the complexity of the virtual platform. Our hands-on approach means every detail is taken care of, allowing you to provide a seamless event your attendees will rave about. The white-glove treatment provides the ultimate support for event planners venturing into hybrid and virtual conferences.


We listened to you and your peers and developed the features that you required and needed to complete your project.
Upload thousands of participant accounts using the Mega-upload feature. Once uploaded, your browser is free to do something else
No account manager required to do uploading, create a list and upload
Single Sign On solution available to bypass uploading
Can require participant email/employee id and access code or just email/employee id
Auto assigns or you can upload an access code with each participant
Minimum participant data is email/employee id, everything else is up to you to decide to upload
Each participant can be assigned to different groups
Each group is assigned to different events
Use employee id instead of email as login requirement (email services are disabled)
Each event is assigned to categories for easy organization
Edits, additions to participants can happen even during show time
Download the attendees with their data points related to any or all events
Eject & deny poor behavior attendees
Transfer attendees other events on the backend
Enable free-floating license
Builtin API services with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster Universe. Sell tickets on either of these platforms, automatic data flow
Automatic and scheduled participant customized email

Registrix is thoroughly tested with the following platforms:

100% Browser-Based Solution

No Downloads, No Hassles, No IT.
for a seamless attendee experience, Registrix requires no plugins, no app to download, no configuration, minimizing technical support
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