Use your Vimeo OTT with Registrix and Enhance the Audience Experience

Future-proof solutions with more engagement, interactivtiy, content with an higher overall experience

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Registrix is a robust all-in-one platform to power an enterprise-class live streaming event that your attendees want and expect. We provide a watch party experience, questions/answers with feedback & upvoting, chat with gifs & emoji's, screen take-over polling, all while using your branding

Don't limit your live stream viewers

We have been developing Registrix since 2012 when there was another popular LiveStream (com) company. We have been doing a branded live streaming platform before Vimeo OTT had live streaming. We have been listening to what your requirements have been.

You have told us you wanted to create your own label of each field when specifying attendee input data. You have told us that you wanted the Logo to be more noticable. You have told us that you wanted different colors to be used for chat. You have told us that you wanted real-time reporting with the number of mobile devices. You have told us that you wanted to upload a list of employee numbers rather than emails. You have told us that you wanted different event pages with sponsorship logos. You told us you wanted to use your own custom URL.

You can choose to use Registrix with benefits that have been built by people like you, or you can try to make the UX of Vimeo OTT work for your event.

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Registrix allows you to have secure live streaming event pages while using the Vimeo OTT player and Vimeo OTT live streaming service. Vimeo OTT provides domain restrictions that secures the video to just your private instance of Registrix.

Give your attendees the full show and interactions that viewers expect today. You can enhance your Vimeo OTT premium service and reach more registrants, get more data, more engaging chat, more polling, more upvoting, broadcast messaging to attendees and even site fault protection

We don't require any yearly contract. We can provide you a one and done event site, with your own URL. With Registrix, we listened.

Don't wait! request a demo and see how easy it is to use Registrix with Vimeo OTT.

8 Reasons to use Registrix with Vimeo OTT

  1. Cloud-based infrastructure
    Reach as many attendees as you need in a single event without breaking the bank
  2. Demand Based
    Platform scales to handle the surge of logins that occur within a 10-minute window
  3. Control Attendees Screen
    Built-in, easy-to-use tools to transform the display that the attendees see
  4. Recover from site faults
    Update streaming info, colors, logos, and text and push them to the attendees' screens without attendee interaction, all during the show
  5. Instant Feedback from your Audience
    Built-in approaches to using Emojis, Gifs, Polls, and Upvoting allow your audience to interact with the speaker
  6. HuddleUp watch parties
    Fans discover Fans by creating and joining watch party rooms and communicating with each other in real time
  7. Your Audience, Your Event, Your Success
    Allow access to the stream to only the attendees you authorize and set up the event to emerge how you want it to look
  8. White Glove Program
    Get help setting up your site experience, making it look as best as possible, and providing your audience with an incredible over-the-top experience
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