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Quickly build awesome fully-branded live streaming video microsites that scale with personalized experiences.

No coding and absolutely no hassle!

Registrix solves the following problems
Best live streaming platform is Registrix

What is Registrix ?

Registrix is a fully brandable microsite service that works with any live streaming hosting platform protecting your virtual events. Registrix is a highly-scalable SaaS platform that scales to millions of attendees.

75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week

Why use Registrix ?

What problem does Registrix unravel

The problem we solve is the ability to update the viewer's browser with updated live streaming codes, changing the attendee's physical attention on their display, all without the attendee needing to do anything.

Additionally we wanted a platform that can scale with the majority of the attendees logging in within a 10 minute window and not crash while providing a cost effective solution.

No matter how much planning is in creating a live stream event, usually, something unexpectedly wicked goes out at the worst possible moment. Registrix provides the platform and tools to make it easy for you to recover. And yes, "fear not, the show must go on."

DRM Live Streaming

What does DRM solve?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) attempts to solve the issue of piracy, "the unathorized use or reproduction of another's work" DRM is an advanced technical solution that will encrypt the video content. Registrix supports the three main DRM service (Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay). These services will help reduce the unauthorized screen capture or screen recording of the clients browser.

What type of events use Registrix?

Registrix is used for online events when video and viewer interactions require vital touchpoints

Corporate Town Halls

Visually share business results, essential company initiatives, and new product launches

Investor Relations Meetings

Elegant and modern attendee experience, branded, creating a competitive advantage in the fight for capital

Corporate Video

Transform employee communications by producing secure, internal video assets that provide individual-viewer tracking

Sales and Training

Your clients, distributors, and partners sell more when they learn directly from product experts and designers

Live Concerts

Stream Pay Per Event Live Concerts, from intimate–limited seating to large-scale audience outreach and interactive sessions

Hybrid Events

Manage registrations and securely sell different track tickets supporting attendee access with group-level controls

eTicket Events

Run both in-person events and virtual events at the same time. Increase attendance overall by allowing those that cannot travel

Speaker Conferences

Deliver a branded event video page dedicated to the topic being discussed by the speaker. Inspire your attendees with well placed speakers

Don't just take our word for it; look at these happy Registrix clients

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Feature-rich Registrix components

(Built-in and no coding!)

Refresh Browser

Update the event and force all the attendees to refresh their browsers. This ability is the #1 reason agencies and video production companies love Registrix

Theme based

Every event you create is theme-based. Easily re-use each theme with a simple drop-down selection


Use your custom URL, and set your logos, images, and text. Your content is entirely up to you


Manage comprehensive devices and supports desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices

Gain Insights

Achieve and sustain audience engagement levels and feedback empowered by our audience feedback tools

Lead Generation

Custom name each data collection field with your headers, and choose from different data form inputs


Set the type of language for your audience. Harness the power of the browser language-translation tool

Video Agnostic

Use your current Live Stream or webinar platform within Registrix. We work with all the video platforms


Automatically transfer attendee data between embeddable chat and other embeddable services

Attendee Emails

Set up customized email templates with personalized branding and set your schedule to send

Download Data

Download CSV reports regarding the performance of your event into your Business Intelligence toolset

Load Tested

Your successful event is crucial. Registrix used a third-party company to load test the platform at accessing over 3,000 attendees a second

Registrix is video streaming and hosting agnostic, thoroughly tested with the following platforms

ibm watson video portal wowza video portal brightcove video portal edgecast video portal jitsi video portal jwplayer video portal zoom video portal youtube video portal jitsi video portal dacast video portal jitsi video portal

Ready to make your client go

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